Zoya took advantage of one of the last warmer fall days and went on an adventure. She pretty much dominated the whole yard.

Mommy is going away for 4 weeks with only a few days back in the middle. We had to have some special bonding time. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be missing her more than she’ll be missing me. She’ll be having a good ole time hanging with Auntie. 

Since the heat turned on last night, Zoya fell asleep in the middle of her terrarium under the basking light that had already turned off. She eventually woke up and crawled under her hide to sleep but I just love when she falls asleep like this. She almost always sleeps in this position wherever she is. When I was a little kid I always fell asleep in this exact same position (and still do now a lot of the time hah). One leg stretched out and the other at an angle in ballerina style. hah. love that Zoya does that too.