Why is there suddenly a camera in my face?!MOM, do you mind?!You're going to pick me up?!  No, don't do that, Mom!


📢 BREAKING NEWS:  I am officially a boy!

Baby tortoises look the same, boy or girl, so Mom has been waiting for me to hit puberty to find out which I am.  In older tortoises, boys of my species have longer tails than girls and a differently shaped cloaca.  My tail has been growing longer the last few years, so Mom suspected I am a boy.  🤨

Today I was waiting sadly by my empty plate when Mom noticed I was standing strangely tall on my tippy toes … the way Waffles (@wafflesworld) does this time of year… . Mom took these photos, picked me up, … and now she knows I am definitely a boy!  🙈

(This also explains for Mom why she has caught me wagging my tail so much recently!  🍑)

ooooh! Congratulations on your Manhood, Kirby!! You’ve grown up so fast! 😀 My humom is still unsure what I am.. but I may be a boy too or a girl.. only time will tell!