Tortoise Classes



Fighter: Aldabra Giant Tortoise


Barbarian: Sulcata Tortoise


Paladin: Radiated Tortoise


Rogue: Speckled Padloper Tortoise


Ranger: Pancake Tortoise


Bard: Impressed Tortoise


Wizard: Marginated Tortoise


Sorcerer: Spider Tortoise


Warlock: Red Footed Tortoise


Cleric: Angulate Tortoise


Monk: Home’s Hinge-Back Tortoise


Druid: Gopher Tortoise




⚠️ Box Turtle Information Below ⚠️

6. Creating the Correct Environment for YOUR Pet Turtle

To ensure a perfect living environment for your box turtle, please read through some of these tips.

Recommended Substrate

An equal parted mixture between these branded substrates. I recommend these products because they do not have slow releasing fertilizer.

  • Organic Top Soil
  • Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Coco-Coir
  • Eco-Earth

Outdoor Soil

I do not recommend using outdoor soil.

The soil may be treated with chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. It can also contain ova (eggs) from several different parasites. Ova can survive quite a long time in soil and when ingested could cause infestation.

Optimal Humidity

Make sure your substrate can properly hold humidity. Spray your substrate twice per day and make sure to mix and turn your substrate to stay evenly moist. You may also use a humidifier or tank fog machine.

To keep an eye on the temperature and humidity level you can use a dual thermometer and humidity gauge.


I personally do not recommend putting false plants in your turtle enclosure. Your pet turtle could try to ingest them and it could spark health risks.

I do recommend some of these plants.

  • African Violet – Saintpaulias
  • Air Plant – Tillandsia
  • Spider Plant – Chlorophytum Comosum
  • London Pride – Saxifraga
  • Prayer Plant – Maranta Leuconeura
  • Mind Your Own Business – Soleirolia Soleirolii
  • Chia Mexicana – Salvia Hispanica
  • Friendship Plant – Pilea Mollis
  • Coleus – Solenostemon
  • Peperomia – Peperomia Spp.
  • Hotas – Hosta Spp.
  • Boston Fern – Nephrolepsis Exaltata
  • Mother of Pearl – Graptopetalum
  • Wandering Jew – Tradescantia Fluminesis

Hey Box turtle fans! Some quality info to share with anyone thinking of adopting a box turtle.