Can I move now without dropping everyone?The answer is still no, isn't it?Well, I still look cute!I am cute from all angles!How many clovers do I get as a reward for staying still for so long?Best tortle tower!Time to properly meet all my tortle tower friends now!Brown sea turtle is wearing very red lipstick.Phone charm turtle, I am not going to burp in your face this time!Does this mean we're friends now?  Happy World Turtle Day, everyone!


Happy World Turtle Day!, Part 2

Is this order in the tortle tower less precarious than the first one? And does this mean phone charm turtle likes me better now?

yay! Happy World Turtle Day Kirby!

“Tortoise in the fast lane”

Check out the above story from the Santa Clarita Signal. Apparently there’s a rogue desert tortoise using the HOV lanes of two Southern California Freeways, highway 14 and the I-5. I’m sure the use of the HOV lane was due to TortoiseTaxi Status or a simple disdain for silly human pathway laws. Either way, I sure hope someone finds him and gets him to greener, nomable pastures soon.