calling all tortoise experts




is a tortoise table like this a good idea for a ~2-yr-old russian tortoise, or is it too small? my poor guy is living in a tank right now and im trying to find a better alternative

I’m in a studio apartment right now so an outdoor pen isn’t an option, and there’s not really room for a 50-gal tub. 

Hmm.. I can’t be sure looking at it there.. it looks a bit small. What kind of tortoise? More space will surely be necessary in a year or two if it isn’t now. Try levels? Zoya and I live in a studio and twell she’s lucky she’s so cute cause she gets a good 3rd of the place to herself hah.

ETA: I’m the worst (and super tired sorry!) you said russian tortoise. That might be ok for a very temporary situation but your little one will surely climb out of that when you’re not looking. Don’t underestimate shell skills hah

That is super tiny and really isn’t suited to any size torty. A tip for a hatchling is to look at xl indoor rabbit cages as they’re usually sold 2nd hand very cheaply. You really don’t need the hide most tortoise tables have built in. With the right bedding (top soil all the way!) your tortoise should dig down at night anyway and you can provide hides if you want without it taking up a ton of room. Honestly 4x2ft is really the minimum i’d recommend for any healthy hatchling. They need lots of exercise to be able to even digest their food and keep healthy. An hour outside their table really isn’t a substitute. This rabbit cage is the same price, bigger and would be suitable for a good couple of years. Another alternative is a C&C style cage, provided you can block off the see-through pannel bottoms with plastic after you fill it with soil. They’re also great for adding lofts!

For an adult russian torty an indoor enclosure size should really be 6ft x 2ft at a minimum. If you don’t have the square footage for that then go up! A safe, boxed in gentle ramp they can’t climb out of/over means you can have an enclosure that’s huge for relatively little actual floor space. If you don’t want the C&C style one, you’d either need to build it yourself or work with a local handyman. 

Pro-tip sterilized top soil makes great natural bedding for all of the above plus its super cheap and you can grow them plants in it. Remember though: If the enclosure is wooden you need to protect and waterproof the wood by lining it with plastic, an old shower curtain from the pound/dollar store is a great robust cheap choice 🙂 

Awesome info, presented in a far more coherent manner than this human is currently capable of!