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It’s back to school time! For shells of a certain age, that means it’s off to college and time to learn how to be a good roommate.  Thankfully, @Thewhimsyturtle has alerted us to some educational videos to help them get through this sometimes confusing, and often frustrating, time. Grab your shell and have a seat, It’s time for “Tiny Animals: How To Roommate!”

Zoya is willing to swear on a dandelion that you won’t regret watching this.


Found him a nice creek!!! I’ll miss him but he belongs in the wild, he was already air-swimming the moment he saw the water. He was SO much more active and responsive than when we found him, I think he’s gonna do really well. Thanks so much for all your help!!

More pictures from @aquestionabletaryn releasing the baby snapping turtle that was found near their house. Snappers are some of the cutest baby turtles.

You did the right thing! He’ll carry your kindness with him when the #turtpocalypse comes. You’ll have a good word put in for you! <3


Does anyone know how to insulate a Tortoise aquarium? I’ve had my redfoot for at least 5 winters already but I feel like it’s miserable each time. I move if from it’s table to an aquarium because it has more of a lid but when I stick my hand in it still feels about the same as the room. Also, are there any hoods that cover the whole thing without mesh like a fish tank that I can put long bulbs into? I hate the clamp ones and they don’t seem to heat much.

I’m not aquarium savvy. Anyone have any advice?