Pebble update.

He went to see a vet this Friday, and my suspicions of RI have sadly been confirmed. Thankfully, we caught it fairly early, so he is very likely to make a full recovery.

We’re waiting for the results of his culture swab to know which antibiotic will be most effective against his infection(s). Then, he’ll be getting his meds subcutaneously.

Also got his fecal sample out, to see how badly he’s infested by parasites.We’ll deal with them too.

For now, he’s going to spend every night indoors in a heated tub, and only come out into his pen on warm days, until he’s good and clear of his RI.

This morning was cold and foggy, so I let him have a free run of the room where his tub is (which is also free of snakes, so they stay healthy!) until it warmed up outside. He was quite active and was inspecting the perimeter, and even had a few bites to eat!

Right now, he’s sunning himself in his outdoor enclosure until the evening, when he’ll come back in to sleep in his cozy tub.

Wish Pebble to get well soon, y’all!

Oh no! Hang in there, Pebble! So glad you have awesome human to make sure you get all the right medicine and lots of snuggles. sending lots of good thoughts for a speedy recovery!

Send your good thoughts to Pebble!