It’s a special day, here at TortTime! Today is Zoya Pants’s birthday!! Well adoption day, really, but since we don’t know her official hatch date we celebrate today! There will be noms and presents and noms and more noms (cause who cares about presents that aren’t noms!)

Happy Birthday, Zoya pants! Your humom loves you very much (I know, not in front of your friends. It embarrasses you)


I don’t know how he wedged himself into this small space. I couldn’t stay to see how he got out of it since I had to go to work-but I’m surely curious. #tortoise #tortoises #tortoiseshell #pets #reptile #turtle #turtles #animal #pet #tortie #instagood #ねこ #webstagram

if we dream it, we can do it! (by shoving, real hard, over and over again)


I’m a sucker for the little guys. The ones who aren’t doing so well.

My parents used to own tortoises many years ago, and my mum has been talking recently about getting another. It’s her birthday next week, so I did my research and found a good breeder about an hour’s drive from me.

I looked at all the gorgeous babbies, so perfect and healthy and beautiful. And then I saw her. The one nobody wanted. Smol Girl.

Smol was born with some… Interesting problems. Firstly, she has a deformed shell, which thankfully isn’t causing her any problems right now. There’s a bit of pyramiding, but the conditions were right and her fellow tortoise-folk were in perfect health, so I think it’s partially due to her deformity. Maybe she’s got some internal problems too, but she’s happy enough and I’ll get her checked over by a vet just in case.

Secondly, Hermann’s tortoises should have four or five toes on each front foot. Smol baby has seven. I’m not sure what’s happened here, whether it’s genetic or something went wrong in incubation maybe? But again, it’s not harming her and she can zip around super fast!

She’s going to be secretly chilling in my room for a week, then on the 18th, I’ll introduce her to mum.

She’s had a small drink and dip in the water (plus a tiny poop!) and she ate some clover in the garden today, so I’m optimistic! If anyone has any advice they wish to offer, please do. I only want the best for Smol mutant child

you are a hero! Those are the shells that need us humans the most.