A stranded 600lb (227kg) turtle was returned to the Atlantic Ocean with a little help from some volunteers.

The leatherback turtle got stuck in a mudflat alongside a river in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Volunteers will track the turtle for 30 days to see if it survives.


An Awesome New Neighbor is a Gopher Tortoise

An Awesome New Neighbor is a Gopher Tortoise tells the story of the author’s encounter with her new neighbor, a Florida gopher tortoise. It then goes on to explain one of the laws protecting these threatened animals from their worst enemy, man.

Caught by Surprise

Two properties down from mine I have been noticing the development of quite a sand pile along the fence line. Right now there is enough vegetation along the edge of the road that most of the ground is hard to see, so one afternoon I stopped to see what was going on. As I suspected, the sand pile was the outside of a new gopher tortoise burrow. The sand was very fresh and…

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