Ahhhh it be good to be back piratin', me hearties!What be ye starin' at?!  Bring out all th' noms!Avast, what be all these colors aroun' me?Th' Pirate Kirby be investigatin'!Me eyes see seashells an' more seashells....Do any o' these here seashells be secret noms?That do not be smellin' like noms!Ne'er fear, th' Pirate Kirby be th' one t' find any shells that be noms!Beware me STOMPs, seashells that be not noms!These here seashells be all suspiciously not nomlike...


Ahoy, me hearties!  It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, an’ th’ Pirate Kirby be back, fearsome GRUMP an’ all!

Avast!  I be marooned in a sea o’ unCHOMPable seashells!?  Bail me out o’ here smartly, ye scallywags, or ye be walkin’ th’ plank!


Do I be stranded in a land o’ no noms?!


Nary a whiff o’ noms I be smellin’!?


One o’ ye landlubbers bring me noms smartly or a mighty GRUMP storm be comin’!



On the very first day, the grandfather and the Boe surprised by their difference in size, so it was immediately decided to settle the little one separately.

There was only one problem, Kant was FURIOUS, that his territory had been taken away from him.

The partition was subjected to various types of violence and in the end it was decided to remove it.

To put MORE obstacles. Everything that was possible was used. But nothing could stop this monster.

Once he realized that he could climb a mountain and now he does not perceive mountains as obstacles)

As a result, I had to make a heavy wooden partition, which set a point and a full-fledged wall for a small and very strong turtle😂

What an adventure, for you and for your little shell friend. Its definitely a learning process, adopting these little shell friends. You never really get it till you’ve had to stop him or her from climbing 2 ft in the air and attempting to get on a book case (ahem thats what happened to us) That’s one happy curious tort you have there. Keep up the good work. 



The container was ordered individually from the master (he had not done one before), processed inside so that the wood does not absorb moisture.

There are two lamps, everything is according to the rules. Ultraviolet, incandescent.

My best buy for Kant is shelter. Kant sharpens his claws and does not spoil anything, so also a beautiful cave.

They live separately, made a partition. The kant is large and will not get used to the small one (Boe), so his ambiguous head-shaking scares us. If you have come across this, I will be glad to read your thoughts on this topic. Of course, they are very different in size and it is simply dangerous for a small one to live with this titan, but Kant is ashamed 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤦

The partition of this shape is not for nothing, the fact is that the turtles are VERY strong, especially Kant), this nutcase moves everything. The partition is 8-10 times heavier than it, but if you lift it a little, then Kant will fit into this gap and raise the partition.