Quarantine Diaries: Day 9

I spoke briefly with captain @wafflesworld today via internet communication. It was reassuring to see a friendly shell. He stepped in his food bowl with glee as we discussed the plans that would continue once this crisis is over.


As I was getting ready earlier (cleaning toward the mirror to do my eyeliner as you do) Wiggles decided to weave between my feet and sit there like the little awkward shelled turd he is. #tortoise #wiggles #cptwiggles

Zoya heard it was Kirby’s ( thewhimsyturtle ) 1st birthday and she couldn’t let it pass without sending a big celebratory HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH! She got all dolled up in her birthday hat and picked the best Hibiscus in the garden as a gift (she may have eated it but there are more.. sorry Kirby :s )

Happy Birthday / Adoption Day Kirby! Keep being adorable and making trouble! #Turtpocalypse is counting on you! 😀