Radicchio is lip-smacking good!I may not have lips, but I do have CHOMPers to CHOMP this radicchio!It's my cake topper!I CHOMP you, cake topper 7!This cake topper is way too difficult to nom!Mouthful of radicchio is my favorite state of being!MOAR WATEMELON!Watermelon, get in my tummy!KIRBY CHOMP!Excuse me, why is this cake so hard to nom?!


Seven!, Part 6
(Parts 1, 2, 34, and 5)

Brightening up your Monday with bonus close-ups of my birthday cake CHOMPs!  Mom took lots of photos, of course!

Thank you for all your birthday wishes, friends!  We are amazed and so touched by all the love you sent me!  Thank you for helping make my birthday the best ever!


Bonus radicchio blep!


Talk to the footie!  I am busy CHOMPing radicchio here!


A fruitful watermelon CHOMP!

The biggest happiest belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our shell friend Kirby! We can’t believe you’re seven already! We remember when you were barely the size of grape and now your shell is matching your personality (and your legendary grump)!  We are all growing into such wise and good looking shells. Our humans better watch out. Together we’ll be great enough to dominate the world and nap at the same time! 

I, th' mighty Cap'n Kirby, be plunderin' this here treasure!Open up this treasure chest, ye bilge rat!What be this here shiny?A shiny whatsit for navigatin'?  Set sail for noms!This shiny navigator be mine now!Well?  Where be th' noms?!Lookin' at th' shiny?  That be just what I be doin'!I still see no noms!I be hungry, ye scurvy dog!Where be th' noms hidin' in this shiny navigator?!


ARRRRRR!!  It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!  Th’ swashbucklin’ Pirate Kirby returns t’ plunder all yer noms!

Avast!  I found meself a jolly fine sextant t’ help me find all th’ noms this voyage!  C’mere, me shiny beauty, show me where all th’ noms be hidin’!


If ye be holdin’ back noms, beware th’ mighty GRUMP o’ Pirate Kirby!

Hand over yer noms or you walk the plank! Arrrg!   




My First Strawberry!, Part 2
(Parts 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

I tried so hard to nom my first strawberry!

Mommy showed me that it’s easier to nom the pointy end, but after a few bites, I went back to trying (and failing) to nom the big fat juicy part. Why must nomming be so hard?!

This old video of me trying to nom my first strawberry now has over 100,000 views!!  We don’t know why this video suddenly started getting a lot of views this year, but I feel like a YouTube star now!  🎥🌟🍓🐢

(Click on the other parts to see more photos and gifs!)

A clip from this old video of me is in a Google ad!!  (I make an appearance at 0:14!)

My first strawberry video is also now up to more than 500,000 views!?  😮  I’m a shellebrity!!  🎥🌟🍓🐢


The #Turtpocalypse is proud! 

Mom, are you sure my super-tort cape didn't shrink?!Can you believe this used to be too big for me?!What?!  Even Lunchbox's big cape is too small for me now?!I'm a giant!Does this mean I can bulldoze my way through everything now?I am definitely super tort when you think about how much I've grown!Strutting my leggies!Off to find noms!


Three and a half years ago, @tort-time made me my very own monogrammed cape.  My cape was a little big for me, so with all the growing I have been doing, Mom thought it was high time for me to try on my cape again.

Turns out Mom underestimated how much I’ve grown—big time:  My cape is WAY too small for me now!  In fact, even Lunchbox’s big cape is too small for me now!

Oh my goodness, we are teary eyed seeing these pictures! We remember trying to crochet the tiniest cape for you, Kirby! You were not much bigger than a Christmas light! We tried to guess measurements but couldn’t conceive of tiny Kirby! Now you are big and strong! Lunch box would be so proud to see you bursting out of his cape!! Grow Kirby, grow! 

Soon you will be bigger than Zoya 😍

back in 2014 : 

Look at these ancient shells!SO SHINY!!


This year’s last Tortie Scouts badge is Archaeology!  I love digging!  My favorite thing to unearth is, of course, noms.  But after that, I like meeting my ancient ancestors.  I wish I could grow as big as Carbonemys cofrinii!  I didn’t find Carbonemys, but I did find these two ancient tortles.  (Anything older than me is ancient!)  Rock turtle was very nice, but I couldn’t stop staring at the shiny gold tortoise!

Mom, I am going to find all the treasure on this beach!I know there is treasure down here!Beach sand is so much easier to dig through than dirt!MOM, why did you drag me out?!I was so close to finding treasure!What are you laughing at?!This picture is blurry, but the pose is too good not to share!Harumph, fine, no treasure for you, Mom!


First Time at the Beach, Part 2
(Part 1 here)

Beaches are next to the ocean, and the ocean means pirates.  Pirates mean treasure!  On my first trip to the beach, I went treasure hunting in the sand.  Beach sand is so much fun to dig in!  For some reason, Mom kept dragging me out of my nice burrows.  Sheesh, Mom!

Tiny Treasure hunting Tortie!! Kirby, I think you ARE the hidden treasure! 

At one point Lobster friend was riding on Zoya!She was stomping all around with her Happy Birthday Kirby Signby the time the party ended everyone was passed out on the floor!

HAPPY HATCHDAY KIRBY ( @thewhimsyturtle )!!!!! 

We hope your day was full of noms, more noms, some naps, and then more noms. 

Zoya wanted to celebrate your special day in style. She made special signs just for you, invited raccoon, lobster, and Birthday Bear over to celebrate the AWESOMENESS OF KIRBY! 

(When humom looked away, things got a little rowdy. By the time she came back Zoya’s party dress was discarded and everyone was passed out on the couch 🙀  *sigh*  )