Nap time for Harry and Hermione!

Harry is the bigger one (female)

Hermione smaller one


Well hello, darlings!  

It’s wonderful to meet you! Your human might wanna try some coconut coir substrate so you can dig in a little more and give her a nice big side-eye. 

Enjoy your nap! It takes a lot of cutie naps to look as adorable as you! Keep it up! 


Tumblr – He’s slow but determined

I’ll bet you 50 bucks that kitteh got a big chomp in under 3 and was then chased around the house for a while. Its this myth of slow thats really allowed the turtpocalypse to grow bwahaha

Hey it’s Toby again!

Tobias is a good boy, eating his kale 🙂

(tort-time commentary – a good growing boy with a fabulous shell! I see a climber in the making… watch out human he’ll grow bigger and stronger and soon he’ll be climbing stairs like they’re pebbles!! <3 <3  Thanks for the submission you handsome shell you! Keep em coming! )