Hello humom! Today you cleaned my tank, put in new substrate, got me a new hide, and filled my water dish! Know how I’ll thank you? By burying the new hide, turning my water bowl into a mud spa, defecating everywhere, and then standing on my hide, butt facing you, hissing for attention for an hour!
(This is not my tortoise. I assure you if I owned one I would not put them in a glass tank. Unfortunately my sister refuses to listen to me)

Nap time for Harry and Hermione!

Harry is the bigger one (female)

Hermione smaller one


Well hello, darlings!  

It’s wonderful to meet you! Your human might wanna try some coconut coir substrate so you can dig in a little more and give her a nice big side-eye. 

Enjoy your nap! It takes a lot of cutie naps to look as adorable as you! Keep it up!