Happy Spring! Mojave Max made spring official on Monday, April 7th 2014

(Source: LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL & The Republic )

Southern Nevada’s favorite desert tortoise emerged from its burrow about 4 p.m. Monday, heralding the arrival of spring , according to a Clark County news release.

Mojave Max, like other Southern Nevada reptiles, brumates — a process similar to hibernation — each year by entering a burrow during the winter months and emerging when the weather warms up.

The earliest the tortoise has emerged is Feb. 14, and the latest is April 17.

In case you hadn’t noticed: Spring has officially arrived in Southern Nevada.

Mojave Max, the famous desert tortoise, emerged from his burrow at 12:41 p.m. today to herald the official arrival of spring in the desert. It is, according to officials with the Clark County Desert Conservation Program and the federal Bureau of Land Management, the latest he has come out since 2000.