HELL YEAH I HAVE A NEW PET TORTOISE!!! I love him so much. I’ve been waiting for this day for a looong time. Also I just set up an awesome lil enclosure for him. Just wanted to document the adoption process… I was really stoked when they called my name for the Russian tort during the Minnesota herpetological society meeting. Oh man oh man. He’s a rescue/was dropped off in a plastic salad container. Poor guy.. His name is Minn.

YAY! Happy Adoption day to both of you! Rescue pets high five!

This is Frederick when we first got him, we have had him almost a year and a half now and has been doing well despite not being brought up in a great habitat and some pyramiding and a upper respiratory thing thing we first got him! He now has a twenty gallon tank all to himself and some fun rocks and log to swim around

Incredible! you’re a hero! Shell – hero! A shero! Is he growing well? You are so handsome Fredrick! Glad you and your human found each other. It’ll be smooth sailing from here 🙂

The Tiger Frances Foundation: A non profit organization

The Tiger Frances Foundation: A non profit organization


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