This is little Al.
He’s a tortoise that my aunty got given by a colleague when I was a kid. His owner didn’t give him the setup he needed and decided they didn’t want to spend the money to get him the right set up or for the vet treatment he needed. I don’t remember any specifics cause I was like 7 at the time. He was so sweet though 🙂
Unfortunately after my aunty had had him for about a year or so, his owners decided they wanted him back and she couldn’t do anything about it 🙁
If anyone knows what kind of tortoise he was (this is the only picture I have, sorry) I’d love to know!

Aw poor Al! I sure hope he made it through ok and is somewhere living a healthy life. 

I’d bet most the farm (or in my case the wildlife reserve that lives outside my city apartment) that Al is a Russian tortoise to me ( Testudo Horsfieldii or Agrionemys horsfieldii)! They are great tortoises with strong personalities and a lot of trouble making skills in their small shells.

He looks like a sweetie, getting a good soak as tortoises should.