Please spread if possible. Roads and cars have devastating effects on reptile and amphibian populations

Oh and, share a story of something you’ve done to help reptiles or amphibians (bonus if you include pictures) and I’ll make or write you something!

What a wonderful info graphic! It’s that time of year folks! Keep your eyes peeled and help our scaley friends get where they are going if they need it.

We always break for scaley friends even if the other humans get mad. I mean, we gotta keep faces like this one around for generations to come!


A year ago today I became a box turtle pornographer! 

Never having seen how turtles, um, do it, I found it facinating. Only a bit later did I realize how weird this little photo shoot might seem to other people. 

The really funny thing is I’d forgotten about these pics entirely until Amazon Prime reminded me today. It’s been a loooong year!

Look, at least I’m not sharing the more…ahem…explicit images!