Look at my precious baby boxie! She’s a rescue, and her full name is Tiny Timmy the Turtle. She was named before I was aware that she is a she. I’m currently working to nurse her back to health after a rough start in life.



“I really like turtles. They have that ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude.” • Kurt Cobain.

copyright photo: @xnoisthewayx

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Looks like a Superbowl commercial. hee


Happy tortoise. Photo by me, please give credit.

YES always give credit. Thing is, we want deets! Many of us shell lovers (and SO many of the shell babies around here) want to know what it was like to be at tortoise mecca! The Galapagos! We know the history is not a pleasant one,.. but these are our older cousins! tell us shell stories!


Upgraded Flash Gordon’s enclosure a little bit.

I added a layer of coco fiber to the bottom of the substrate to help retain moisture better as well as added a better hide. He seemed to love the hide and went straight into it! I had to rearrange it a little bit because he got stuck and then tried to climb over it. I’ll probably do a whole overhaul of the substrate once winter really sets so i can give Flash Gordon the best chance at humidity in the blistering dryness of a northeast winter.