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*THIS* is what turtles deserve. They should be Kings and Queens of their ponds, basking in the sun, not shoved in bags and dumped in trash cans. 

Please help our friends at LittleRESq help some shells that aren’t this lucky. 


Geoclemys hamiltonii Spotted pond turtle (Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, 2014)

This freshwater turtle is native to India, Bangaldesh, Nepal and Pakistan. It has big yellow spots on its head and neck and its shell has yellow spots and radiating streaks as well. The shell has 3 interrupted keels. 

I first saw this species at an enclosure in the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust, Chennai, India and got really fascinated by them. I hope to someday study more about their behaviour and reproductive biology.

More ecological information on turtle species can always work towards conservation. This species is currently Vulnerable on the IUCN redlist as it caught for meat and the illegal pet trade.


A Blanding’s turtle visited the Japanese Tea Garden on the west side of Fabyan Forest Preserve!

The garden is to the public from 1-4 p.m., mid-May through mid-October.

This moment was captured by Marie Lebrun.

He’s showing you what it looks like when Turtles and Tortoise dominate the earth #Turtpocalypse