Happy tortoise. Photo by me, please give credit.

YES always give credit. Thing is, we want deets! Many of us shell lovers (and SO many of the shell babies around here) want to know what it was like to be at tortoise mecca! The Galapagos! We know the history is not a pleasant one,.. but these are our older cousins! tell us shell stories!

Are you sure this camera isn't secretly noms?Perfect for hanging around my neck.Looking into the distance is a classic pose that never grows old!Okay, I just gotta try nomming this camera!What are you laughing at, Mommy?!Having this delicious-looking camera hanging around my neck is really distracting...KIRBY CHOMP!Cameras are replaceable, right?Are all cameras this delicious-looking?Ahem!  Kirby the photographer is ready to take your photos!


As you saw yesterday, I tested out being a professional photographer for this week’s Tortie Scouts Entrepreneurship badge!

Turns out I am going to need a very big budget for cameras…I am going to need to get new cameras all the time because they just look too tasty to resist!



Face to face with a leopard tortoise in South Africa. I pretty handsome fellow I think. There is a legend in SA that when a tortoise crosses the road it’s going to rain. As luck would have it, he WAS crossing a road and wouldn’t you know it, after weeks of drought it rained an hour later. I guess Some legends are true! ~ taken while on safari at @molorisafari Lodge in Madikwe.

How amazing is that! Always knew we torties had magical powers. Zoya says there’s another legend that says if a tortoise is allowed to roam a yard, no dandelions will be present once they are gone.



A wild female gopher tortoise on the Oatland Island Wildlife Center property emerged from her hole to eat some grass. Took a little while for her to get comfortable enough with me there to start eating.