I live in Michigan and I just had to have this conversation with a friend after he brought home 2 young painted turtles and posted it on Facebook.

Turtle populations are already in decline, and taking them from the wild means the won’t be breeding with other turtles. People taking them are hurting their chances. And you might think taking one doesn’t hurt, but if everybody took one there would be none left. Please, please, PLEASE, go to a breeder and purchase one. Don’t catch wild ones. Let them live happily with their families, and breed so that we don’t lose this beautiful creatures.

Also, if you see one in the road, pull over, pick it up GENTLY, and place it on the side of the street it was facing. don’t bring it elsewhere, don’t put it back, keep it going where it was heading. It is probably heading it’s breeding ground, and displacing it will cause it not to breed.

Lastly,@ turtles are not short time commitments. they are 30+ year pets that need certain requirements and that costs money. yes, turtles are cool, but make sure you can take care of one. Do your research, have the set up ahead of time, and make sure you’re stable.

Says it all. They’re made for the wild not our homes. Enjoy them from afar, help them stay alive, and adopt!