Quarantine Diaries Day 11 & 12⁠

Yesterday I woke from my beauty nap and was in the most wonderful SUN puddle! YAY SUN! I stomped to go investigate my outdoor kingdom. What I found there can only be classified as a quarantine miracle! Greens sprouting from the ground! I could hardly contain my joy but I put on my inspector tort hat (its there you just can’t see it) cause I had work to do. ⁠

I’ve been working hard, taste tasting every leaf that has sprouted, in order to ensure its quality. So far all leaves have received my approval.  It’s a tough job but some tort has to do it. ⁠


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1 pound of edible Spineless Cactus Certified Organic

1 pound of edible Spineless Cactus Certified Organic


Heads up to our humans in the US, cactus pads are available at Carolina Pet Supply and they’re on sale! 😀 

They are great, healthy, treats for tortoises. These are spineless and your hands will be thankful for that, trust me. If your tort/torts don’t nom them all immediately you can also plant a pad or two and grow more cactus for later. 

youtube is very helpful for this: here’s one video but search for the one that makes the most sense for you. It’s not that hard even for the challenged gardener. 

Carolina Pet Supply is a great online shop for turtle and tortoise supplies.. its where I get the supplements I use for Zoya pants and the grazing mix in her garden! They’re also on sale this weekend (15% off with CACTUS code).

I don’t work for this place nor do I get throwbacks, just thought I’d share since it’s not always easy to find cactus pads in certain parts of the US. 


Ellos to all of my followers
And a grand
♡♡♡♡Happy World Wide Turtle day♡♡♡♡♡♡
I hope yall give all my turtle and tortoise friends some yummie treats and give them much needed love on such a wonderful holiday
Ontop of some good romping around time in or outside today. I sure am going to have a great day


Happy #WorldTurtleDay Freddy!

Zoya is having a pretty great day too. She got a BIG surprise! 

No better way to #shellebrate than fresh noms!