It’s our 2 year Irwinversary today.

Irwin doesn’t have a birthday and I don’t know his hatchday… but it was the 1st of Jan two years ago that I adopted him.

He’s about roughly 4-5 years old now I reckon but when I got him he was about 3 months away from dying.

He had Severe MBD and multiple leg bone fractures. He was as soft as a squeaky toy and his shell would flex as he struggled to breathe.

He couldnt walk properly or lift his shell off the ground, and for the first 6 weeks I had him he dragged his back legs behind him while he kinda swam with his front legs. I used to have to sink his food bowl right into the substrate so it was level because he couldn’t climb over the ‘lip’ to reach his food.

I spent 8 months syringe feeding him liquid calcium before he stopped being at risk of just dropping dead.

I had to learn a lot about reptiles and fast.

And I’m still learning.

But my God, what a rewarding two years it’s been. Who could have known how important this little creme brulee booger would become to me??.

He is fascinating,determined, weird, adorable and funny!. (And now that tortoise puberty has hit he is also a bit gross at times).

The trust he shows me blows my mind and my endlessly thankful he came into my life.

Reptiles are hard work, don’t ever be fooled into thinking they’re an easy pet just because they’re quiet.

They need specialist lighting and supliments, specific heating and humidity. I have found myself growing weeds in windowsill pots and worrying about the dangers of pesticides or pollution. Searching tirelessly for the first and last Dandelions of the season. I have had full blown panic attacks over poops…or lack thereof. Sometimes even now if he is sound asleep, basking with his little neck lolling to the side a sudden fear grips me and I have to gently blow on him to see him twitch so I know he’s alive.

And Christ…I haven’t even attempted hibernation yet.

We will see what comes. But I am very thankful I get to see it with Irwin

😭😭🙌🙌 ❤️❤️❤️

We are so happy you and Irwin found each other and so thankful to you for sharing him and your journey with all of us!! Happiest Irwinversary!

Honestly, If I had to pick a post that best captured the reality of caring for a tort, it’s this one. The worry, the struggle, the FEAR that always lingers,  the learning, the awe, the joy… it’s every single one of these emotions in a shell made of gratitude and love.  It’s not easy. if you think it is you better stick to pictures on the internet. Nope, not easy but man is it rewarding.


Cleopatra è la tartaruga di alcuni amici; ogni tanto mi chiedono di andare a nutrire/tenere compagnia al cane, Tobia, e la Cleo ogni volta non si trova mai prima che loro partano.
Allora mi dicono “hey senti se la trovi mettila nel recinto!” E io “okay!” [ That means Chissà dove cazzo è sta tartaruga!] E te va, entro in cortile e questa mi fa pure servizio accoglienza, ma che cuore❤🐢
Ciao Cleoooo

Is there anything better than an excited tortoise running up to greet you. 😍  nope. the answer is nope. 

loose translation:

“Cleopatra is m friends tortoise. Every now and they they ask me to care for their dog, Tobia, and cleo the tortoise who is always missing! They always tell me “hey, can you keep an eye out for Cleo” Then I go in the yard and am met with this greeting…


Attention Tort-time friends!

Am so excited by all the asks we have received lately! Always happy to help and love researching and sharing information with all our shell loving friends. 

The human half of this team has been away recently (HOUSE PARTY!) but she’s back now! Takes some time to get things back to normal and we promise we’ll be back and responding in a timely manner ASAP! 

Remember, if you are really concerned and need info ASAP, the answer is most likely VET VET VET. 

Otherwise, know that we’re back and after humom gets a little rest (and I make sure she doesn’t forget by dominating her feets over and over) we’ll be having a big TORTIE TALK TUESDAY with lots of responses and some will likely come before that. 

We are SO thankful to all the shell fans that follow regularly and don’t forget you can always submit your shell star and story to us here!