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Quarantine diaries: day 26…7?… I can’t count that high humans!

I may not be able to count that high but I sure can climb and jump! I was worried human had forgotten so I spent some time in the garden reminding her. Ya know, between snacking and basking. Not a bad day, for me anyway! Humom gets a little nervous about some of my parkour moves.. its ok ma! 

Quarantine Diaries: Day 21

If quarantine has taught this tortoise anything it’s that we should be extra nice to our earth. It brings us noms, gives us places to dig big holes, things to stomp on, and the best sun puddles to nap in!

Let’s live every day like it’s earth day! If we treat her nice she’ll be nice back. Trust me I’m a tortoise. I know things!

Quarantine Diaries Day 14⁠

The sun has gone and the rain is here. It’s too cold & wet for stomping in the garden.  My morning workout consisted of several rounds of ‘long jump Olympics’ but I was still unsatisfied. I climbed the side to see what the human was doing when I caught sight of the TV. Could it be? Yes! The human informed me there is a special @Psych_USA binge-a-thon on tv all day! 

Obviously I had to participate. ⁠

I already had a snack in hand ( well hanging out of my mouth) so I joined human in the pile of comfy blankets, put on my favorite pineapple hat, and settled in to watch my favorite show! ⁠

As I write this I’m told I have to have a bath. I considered burrowing in protest but attempted negotiation instead. After giving human my sweetest face, I’ve been promised one more episode. It’s only fair she says #Psych did give me my Hollywood big screen debut! ⁠

Quarantine Diaries Day 11 & 12⁠

Yesterday I woke from my beauty nap and was in the most wonderful SUN puddle! YAY SUN! I stomped to go investigate my outdoor kingdom. What I found there can only be classified as a quarantine miracle! Greens sprouting from the ground! I could hardly contain my joy but I put on my inspector tort hat (its there you just can’t see it) cause I had work to do. ⁠

I’ve been working hard, taste tasting every leaf that has sprouted, in order to ensure its quality. So far all leaves have received my approval.  It’s a tough job but some tort has to do it. ⁠

Quarantine Diaries: Day 10

I’ve decided to try my hand at gaming. I am very strategic so I’m sure I will be good at it. Humom says everyone is playing a game called animal crossing. It seems fun but they keep telling me I have to pick all the weeds! Why aren’t we eating them?!?! such a waste!

Quarantine Diaries: Day 9

I spoke briefly with captain @wafflesworld today via internet communication. It was reassuring to see a friendly shell. He stepped in his food bowl with glee as we discussed the plans that would continue once this crisis is over.

Quarantine Diaries Day 7

Human and I have been setting aside a certain amount of time each day for exercise. In fact, when the sun came out today I was so excited I started my work out early! My form is a bit off after a long winter but I’ll be back in shape in no time! I mean, check out this form!

ETA: don’t point out the poop I’m spreading on the wall to mom k?

Quarantine Diaries: Day 6

Today it was there was snow. My hope for accessible dandelions is lost. Human seems to be losing hope of locating her cookies as well. Together we lament the days when greens grew, sun shined, and snacks were plentiful.

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