Congratulations to @LeoDiCaprio ‘s Tortoise (and you too Leo)! You now have an Oscar-winning human! I hope you get an extra large pile of noms in celebration. Maybe you’ll get to ram the oscar a few times… though by now you could probably eat it (don’t do that though, I hear they are killer on the stomach). 


His name is Leonardo DiCaprio

Well, he is a big fan of the tortoises! He’s got a Sulcata tortoise himself! 

Don’t tell him we said so but I have no doubt you, little shell, would win in a ‘which Leonardo DiCaprio is cuter’ contest

He (the tortoise) takes up a little space. But he’s a character, you know?” he laughs. “He loves to hang with you. They don’t do much, but they love to come over if you’re sitting in the yard and sit next to you. He’s got a little social side of him.

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Clint Eastwood clearly one ups Leonardo DiCaprio as most famous tort owner. Its good to hear his tort has a suitable home and a quality personality. Never let anyone tell you these animals are boring.