Happy #EarthDay and the final day of International Turtle and Tortoise Week #ITTW!

There are so many ways YOU can help protect the earth and the shell friends that live there today and EVERY day! 

Learn about and support, climate change & conservation policy and advocacy organizations. Find ways you can reduce reuse and recycle in your own life! Learn about small things you can do to protect our oceans, wetlands, etc. cutting up the plastic soda can rings, recycling bags, cleaning up shorelines!

Learn about all our shell friends and spread information about responsible pet adoption, the impact of the illegal wildlife trade, and how to protect their natural habitat. Support research organizations working to find solutions. 

SPREAD THE WORD!  Information yields action!

And of course, support wildlife rehabilitation and rescue organizations! Donate, Volunteer, and spread the word about the many amazing animals rescues doing everything they can to keep our shell friends, and other at-risk animals alive!

here are just a few shell supporting organizations we love:

Shell specific organizations:

For the earth

Spread the word and add your own!