I know, right? I believe Basil is an African Side-neck turtle (aka west african mud turtle?) 

I love them because they always look like they are smiling (or have a little mustache haha) Gorgeous shells! 

I need help guys


My family tortoise has been acting strange lately; He just doesn’t open his eyes. He’s a Greek land tortoise and he’s 11 years old.

He walks around his terrarium and whatnot but he just won’t open his eyes?

We took him to a vet who said he was perfectly healthy, no runny nose, no runny ears, no swelling, he’s strong and healthy and has good reaction reflexes but he just won’t open his eyes. 

Does any reptile-havers know why he does this?

Hey! First things first! What are your temps like? Humidity? Is he hibernating?

I definitely recommend LOTS of extra warm soaks. Dehydration is a huge issue and that could help with some of the immediate issues.. but that won’t identify and deal with any underlying issue.

Is your vet an exotics specialist? This is very important. General vets just don’t tend to have the training needed to deal with specific issues related to torts. Did he/she take a fecal sample? This is important too..

Chime in if you have more advice!

Meet Gamagorath! My boyfriend and i rescued him from an idiot who picked him up in the wild and wanted to keep him. Unfortunately, he had been in captivity for four months, without any sources of food besides green vegetables (I do know snappers need insects as well). I’m in over my head here… I don’t know what to do. I want to release him but he’s very small and I want to fatten him up but winter is coming… any advice you have would be of great help! Love your blog. We humbly request your guidance Zoya
PS his full name is Gamagorath eater of souls. He will be a great warrior of the turtpocalypse

Hello! Gamagorath and human friends!!! Thanks for messaging us! Zoya appreciates your kind words, she’s happy to know others see the greatness she sees when she looks in the mirror heeheee 

Wow you are one gorgeous little one aren’t you, Garmagorath! He is probably very thankful to be out of the hands of that kidnapper! Way to rescue him! Its so sad that people think they have the right to just snatch an animal from its habitat for their own amusement. Its simply not ok. Ever.   

So, my instinct is to get that little one back to his habitat. That’s my instinct, but we don’t have any real experience with snapping turtles and unfortunately can’t say for sure that its safe after 4 months in captivity. I would think that Garmagorath is young enough that he might be able to integrate just fine, but I’m hoping some of the turtle/ snapper experts here on reptiblr can give you some better advice! 

We do know that snapping turtle care is very detailed, not at all ‘easy’ (no turtle or tortoise care is really easy..), getting their diet and husbandry right is vital to their health and survival. Also? They grow pretty large and need to be handled appropriately (cause they’re snappers! snap those fingers look like noms!)  

Here is a care sheet from the Chicago Exotic Vet Hospital.  We can’t verify how great the info is here but we’ve heard good things about the hospitals work with turtles and torts so its the closest to a reputable care sheet I’m able to give you. http://www.exoticpetvet.com/breeds/Common%20Snapping%20Turtle.htm

Again we’re not snapper experts (we do think they’re awesome but sadly heart eyes aren’t the expertise you need! ha). I’d say, if at all possible, return your new friend to the wild (he’ll tell all his snapper friends how awesome you and your boyfriend are and you’ll definitely be on the right side of the turtpocalypse!) Keep checking this post and hopefully some of the awesome folks with snapper experience will have better/ more detailed advice for you! 

How about it, reptiblr, anyone with snapper experience that can help Gamagorath and his human rescuers out??


Turtle Conservancy:

Critically Endangered Pancake Tortoise (Malacochersus tornieri) gets
its name from its flat and relatively soft shell which it expands to
wedge itself in rock crevices in order to avoid predators. Unfortunately
this East African species cannot escape habitat destruction and
collection for the pet trade. We currently have an assurance colony of
this species at out conservation center with the hope that one day we
won’t have to.

Hey it’s that person who got those tortoises from her friends. What kind is he/she. 

Hey, so a kind shell lover just took in two of these little ones because someone didn’t want them. I’ve guessed box turtle but I’m not an expert. Anyone have any input, can direct to a care sheet? 

I’ve suggested http://www.aboxturtle.com/ for care sheet info.. 

can anyone help? 

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2PD3kLfYlA)

Today ends our week long #BuyToysNotTurtles campaign.

We’ve only touched on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the problem of impulse buying and turtles and tortoises. We will continue to bring you more info in the coming weeks.

Share this video everywhere you can!! Our shell friends are depending on us! I, for one, want to make sure they continue to grace humanity with their presence for as long as we’re around!

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read these posts and share this important information.

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