Mom, look!  My new friend has such bright colors!Purple shell is okay for my new friend because he doesn't need UVB, unlike me!New friend, your head is very yellow......yellow like dandelions......and your shell is flower-colored, too...


International Turtle and Tortoise Week, Day 3
(Days 1 and 2)

A few years ago, I made a colorful new eraser turtle friend.  His shell was so purple I couldn’t resist booping it over and over!  💛💜🐢👀

Sometimes we hear about people painting real turtles’ shells bright colors like purple.  🚫  Please do not be one of those people!! 🚫 Putting anything on a turtle or tortoise’s shell interferes with UVB light absorption.  We turtles and tortoises need a lot of UVB for vitamin D to maintain healthy bones.  (Like how humans need vitamin D for healthy bones, but we need a lot more for our big shells!)  Paint or anything else on our shells ultimately weakens all our bones and makes us very sick!  (Not to mention paint chemicals can be toxic!)  😢

🚫  Relatedly, please do not ever drill or mark up a turtle or tortoise’s shell!  We can feel pain through our shells!  (For example, I am super ticklish around the back end of my shell.  If anything touches the back of my shell, I immediately jump like a rabbit and run away as fast as my leggies can go!)  😢

🌟  To sum up:  Leave turtle and tortoise shells the way they naturally are!  If you want to paint or scratch up a shell, stick to a non-living turtle like my eraser friend!

As we celebrate Earth Day AND International Turtle and Tortoise Week, our friend Kirby has some very important info about turtle and tortoise shells!

One of the greatest myths about turtles and tortoises is that they have no feeling in their shell.  THAT IS FALSE! We not only have many nerve endings in our shell, we have pores through which we absorb important vitamins from the sun! Our shells and spine are fused together! They are one! we can’t take our shells off. Silly humans!  Listen to Kirby! Be gentle and keep us chemical free! 

It makes perfect sense that #EarthDay overlaps with International Turtle and Tortoise week! One part of caring for our earth is caring for its most precious creatures, Obviously We turtles and torts are one of them!


From a year ago. At the time I was more well-versed on the snakes of the area, so I thought I had caught a baby snapper until I did research later on and found out it was just a Musk.

Just a musk? Not “Just” a musk! Its an adorable fiesty musk! Look at that guy! 


Look at this adorable baby Eastern Box Turtle! 😍 It somehow made its way into our workout area, so we’re going to give it some water and put it back outside in a safe spot. 🐢

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Look at that baby!! So adventurous already 😀 Go forth and nom the world! Glad you encountered a good human. 


Despite not having teeth, tortoises are specially adapted for eating and biting. To make up for their lack of teeth, tortoises have tough and pointy edges in their mouths that functions effectively for biting and mashing purposes.

Some common components in a typical tortoise diet includes grasses, herbs, flowers, shrubs, fruits, vegetables and fungi.

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