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Source: It’s #givingtuesday 2015! All the turkey, the… | Tort Time

It’s #givingtuesday 2015!

All the turkey, the shopping, the napping has gone and it’s now time to remember that we can do something to make the world a little better, for our shell friends, furry friends, and fellow humans all around the world.

As is our tradition here at tort-time, we will feature several rescues and organizations that could use a donation, a volunteer, or a shout out. While we feature four-legged organizations, we hope you take today (and every day after) to make change in the world around you.

We have 4 organizations to feature today, but please visit the ever growing tort-time giving hub:

And be sure to suggest an organization if you know of one, and share your #unselfie or #GivingTuesday acts of kindness with us!

Thanks to all who read and support us!

~Zoya pants and humom

P.s Zoya is feeling like a big giver cause she didn’t try and eat the dandie in the picture above.

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Welcome to the Halloween Parade! Enjoy all our spooky and silly contestants!

1) Crabby Josie.

2) Frankie is the Great Pumpkin.

3) Franklinsaurus!

4) Hungrysaurus!

5) Our only human because he’s a tortoise, Kieran. Hola!

6) Artemis is ready for a siesta.

7) Gotta catch a Kirby!

8) Get along Herc and Gertie!

@wafflesworld Halloween Parade is the best thing to happen to halloween EVER!