This is one of the best aquatic turtle enclosures I have ever seen. While it seems over the top, everything present is necessary for happy, healthy turtles. At least 100 gallons of water, filter, heater, basking lamp, UV light, haul out area, and dry land. If all aquatic turtles were kept this way I’d never see any because they would rarely get sick.

Source Unknown.

This is fantastic!

These got their nickname “little Houdinis” for a reason.

Many people asked me about the specs for Zoya’s enclosure. I’m putting together a post with the details and pictures and specs of her new outdoor play pen. Thought I’d begin the housing a tort discussion by sharing some of my “lessons learned” for Russian tortoise owners.  

When putting together an enclosure make sure any plastic lining you use is covered by something hard. Also a good idea to block off the corners. As you can see she’s damn strong and ready to move 🙂 (also darn adorable)