Perfect spot for naps!I even get Mommy's lamp keeping my bum warm!All stretched out and relaxed!Hey!  You with the camera, do you have noms for me?No noms means back to nap time!I am bigger than those USB ports, despite what this photo suggests.Best nap spot ever, after Mommy's hand!


I found a new nap spot on Mommy’s desk! Mommy’s USB hub is warm and cozy, plus Mommy’s lamp keeps my bum warm. Best of all, I can actually fit under the USB hub, unlike Mommy’s laptop!

Kirby you are so smart. Have you considered becoming a tortie FengShui consultant?

DANCE PARTY TIME!Dance party tortle style is the best kind of dance party!BOOGIE BOOGIE!Shake that bootie!I wonder what Zoya's favorite dance music is?Happy birthday, Zoya Pants!  Sending you tortie hugs and kisses!


Do you know what today is? It’s Zoya Pants the Great’s birthday!! In other words, it’s time to shell-a-brate and PARTY!

Thank you, Kirby and Whimsy!!!! WE heart you so much. Human had the busiest weekend so I am gonna shell-a-brate way more today! YAY!  (she did make sure I got a little bite of my birthday apple slice and had a good snuggle yesterday but today means PRESENTS!!!) 

Attempting a moment of quiet reflection while surrounded by cooing paparrazi.Imagine what we could do if we all worked together!Okay, all these flashing cameras are a bit much. Time to run back to Mommy!Well, one last pose for all the cameras first!What a beautiful mosaic!


Big Park Adventures, Part 2

(Part 1 here)

During our stroll in the Big Park this weekend, Mommy and I visited a beautiful mosaic for some quiet reflection. I trundled over to inspect the tiny stones…and was instantly mobbed by a horde of admiring paparrazi! One girl even invited us to her lovely birthday picnic! (We sadly couldn’t stay.) I felt like a celebrity!

WHOA!!! Kirby you are exploring so much of the world! What did you imagine?! was there an eternal blooming crop of dandies?!?

Are you sure this camera isn't secretly noms?Perfect for hanging around my neck.Looking into the distance is a classic pose that never grows old!Okay, I just gotta try nomming this camera!What are you laughing at, Mommy?!Having this delicious-looking camera hanging around my neck is really distracting...KIRBY CHOMP!Cameras are replaceable, right?Are all cameras this delicious-looking?Ahem!  Kirby the photographer is ready to take your photos!


As you saw yesterday, I tested out being a professional photographer for this week’s Tortie Scouts Entrepreneurship badge!

Turns out I am going to need a very big budget for cameras…I am going to need to get new cameras all the time because they just look too tasty to resist!



I don’t know how, but he always gets grass on his head!!

Thats a super cool tortie ninja secret. We’re not allowed to tell you how we do it. #Turtpocalypse

Hello, friendly seniors!How can I help you today, Stegosaurus?This thing called Google knows the answer to every question ever!Type anything into the box, and the Google tells you everything you could possibly want to know!We are making excellent progress on the Tortpocalypse!PIggyback ride time!I feel so tall!Hanging out with seniors is so much fun!Have you helped a senior today?I vote more seniors hangouts from now on!


This week’s Tortie Scouts are helping seniors!

I helped the seniors in our house by showing them how to use these new-fangled contraptions called tablets. Afterwards, the friendly seniors gave me piggyback rides!

Kirby! You’re so good at helping!

What a pretty shield you have, ami Cap!Do you think ami Cap would let me try on his shield, Mommy?The back of this shield looks like it would fit perfectly on my shell!Oh my goodness, ami Cap said yes!Watch out, bad guys!  Captain Kirby is on the loose!Hang on, what's under this couch?Why can't I fit?!Captain Kirby is momentarily distracted.Hmm...I think I need a bigger shield to help me get under this couch...Perfect!  A giant Cap shield!


Adventures with gckaf!

Meeting two different Captain America’s at once was very exciting, especially when I got to try on a shield! But I couldn’t help being distracted by something under the couch. Maybe friend gckaf’s handmade life-size Cap shield will help me get under the couch!

An Edge!  As a tortle, I must peer over every edge I see!If I jump, there's soft squishy carpet down below, and Mommy's hand obviously will swoop in to catch me anyways...


The eternal question of tortles and edges: To jump or not to jump?

I find its good to assess the distance between you and your human. Are they close enough to interrupt your adventure? Are the not too close but there in case you need some assistance should the mission go wrong? Are they in another room and, if so, are there noms you can steal if you’re free? Decision making is hard.