Important Information for Tortoise Owners!

“Last week I had a tortoise come my way that was having regular immobilising spasms. The mature female Ibera was contorted and paralysed for periods of time and it was quite horrific to watch and made myself and her owner feel helpless beyond words. All I could do was tube fluids into her in the hope that if a poisoning case, the toxins could be flushed out of her system. To cut the next 24 hrs short, it developed that she had ingested a few fallen azalea petals the previous evening. This meant that by the following tea time, on return from work her owner discovered her in her contorted form and so the toxins were well and truly into her blood stream. I am pleased to say that with continued fluids through the night, both tubed into mouth and subcutaneously, that by the following lunchtime she was once again feeding and basking. Note Azaleas and tortoises do not belong in the same garden!!

The above photo is the tortoise post trauma” – 

Permission to share granted by Donna

Please share and make sure everyone is aware – Azaleas and tortoises do not mix!! Just a few petals is all it takes.

A very important post by the fantastic @tortoise-adventures. SAFETY FIRST.