Hey Snuffy, nice to meet ya. Many of us turtle moms think we biologically mothered our little shelled kids. Just humor us ok? One day you’ll want us to buy you a new pair of tortoise shell glasses, or a black light for your tank that you’ll turn on while you listen to some angst riddled rock music… then we all know who you’ll ask, biologically mothered or not. 🙂  Oh and hey! not all of us can have a face as cute as yours! We have to work at it! 


hi hi.  My name is Snuffy and I’m just chilling here on eid with my mommy who swears too hard that she biologically mothered me. Furthermore, in her vain identity efforts, she smears a green mint mask on her face to better match with green little me and also, to clear up her face because she needs to look fly, no lie, this week.  

t3eesh mara w min ba3d itmoot [you’ll only live once and then you’ll die]” -Snuffy, the insightful turtle.