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This is BP (Border Patrol). She found a nice leaf today during her outside time. Very exciting stuff! #lovemyjob #workbabies #zoolife #sulcata #tortoise

I bring you treat, human. Now, your turn.

(we have been watching this clip non-stop. You are such a sweetie, BP! We hope that human brought you a treat in return)


Someone didn’t want to be weighed today! 😂 #Hingeback #hingebacktortoise #kinixys#kinixyshomeana #homeana #homeshingeback #tortoise #tortoisesofinstagram #tortsofinstagram

um I’m thinking someone wanted to write you a letter of protest instead.. you do have nice pens readily available!

Here’s my grumpy girl giving me side eye for having to take medicine

Awwwww Grumpy shell! That side eye clearly says she’ll forgive you if she gets an extra treat afterwards.  Maybe. She’ll think about it.. how about 2 treats? heee

She’s a beauty! I see some covert tortie ops in her future. That shell is camo all the way! 

“Don’t worry little fella, in about a hundred years or so you will be that big too!” Picture: Toby Zerna

This gorgeous, 94-year-old, Galapagos tortoise is mom to 4-year-old NJ and 2  hatchlings a little under a year old. These 4 are the first successful Galapagos Tortoise births in Austrailia. 

Their keeper, Jordan Michelmore, recently moved from big cat care to being the keeper in charge of this tortoise family (and several over Galapagos tortoises) at the Western Plains Zoo. 

They have, as we tortie lovers would expect, taught Ms. Machelmore a lesson about the true nature of tortoises. They aren’t the dull ‘rocks with legs’ so many assume. 

“They really do have so much personality,” she said. “They’re very curious — some of them really want to know what’s going on.

“They just seem to want to be around people, so they might follow you around when you’re doing some cleaning or something like that.”

(Read More at: The Daily Telegraph, Via Perthnow.com.au


Tortoise On Wheels Makes The Best Of A Bad Situation

Humom has to spend the day at the hospital again today getting some yucky stuff in her veins that makes her feel gross for like EVER (don’t worry she makes sure I have breakfast before she goes). Sometimes she seems sad about having to go all the time but I think she needs to take a tip from this awesome Tortie!  She has wheels!

I always tell her, you can still do anything mama! You can feed me extra noms any time! If you need to rest, no problem!  You can sit and watch me eat them. This awesome shell, Mrs. T, is 90 years old! My humom isn’t even half way there! Go mama go!

I’m a pretty good support tortoise, aren’t I. I wonder if I should try motivational speaking…

~Zoya pants