A job posting for a ‘Tortoise walker’, on craigslist,  has turned into an internet sensation!

Henry is a 16-year-old, New York tortoise, whose humom Amy wants to make sure he gets enough outdoor time during the work week (weather allowing). Offering 10 dollars an hour to take Henry to central park (he has his own stroller to get him there!), the only real requirements are a love of animals, the ability to lift henry and keep track of his ‘surprisingly speedy’ shell.  

From the daily dot, to mashable, to BuzzFeed , the post has rocketed Henry into stardom and I’m guessing people are lining up to be his tortoise walker. Henry’s instagram has gained quite a few followers too! Don’t blame folks, he’s pretty handsome and loves hip hop.  

I highly recommend reading all three of those stories and checking out his instagram, they are all incredibly entertaining and adorable. 

Zoya was sure to point out (by peeing down my shirt earlier) that I walk her for free. yeah yeah.. 

I did start to wonder, though, where’s the social network for turt and tort owners looking for occasional/short term/ caretakers? doesn’t seem like a bad idea if you ask me.


My buddy Silas has now been with me for a year as of Friday, and since her hatch date is completely unknown Im making it her unofficial birthday. She was estimated to be five years old, so now my little lady is six. And shes still as much of a butt as she has been since day one!

SIlas! Congratulations and happy hatch-doption day to you and your human!! You have the most beautiful shell!


Part 1
Watch Nicolas Dig! OMG! Nicolas almost stoled my hat until a little birdie told me he was heading home with my hat!!! I ran after him & got there just in time! Watch Nicolas kick some dirt & fly as he goes into his tunnel. #Sulcata #Tortoise #SanDiego #Pets

If it don’t fit in the burrow it’s gotta sleep outside. Sorry human, Sorry human’s hat.


Look what I have. Proof that I am your supreme overlord! Err, I mean chelonian personality of the year. I will display my trophy proudly and promise not to use it for evil like hitting non dandy feeders over the head.

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR FRIEND WAFFLES!!!! I mean, there was never a doubt, you have the biggest shell-sonality in all the land!  We know you will take your trophy and use it for only the most important turtpocalypse missions!  Keep noming like a boss!!