AHHH. Look at this lil dude I just found and helped out.

I was riding my bike when I detoured off the path because I wanted to avoid a family of bikers up ahead of me. Because I did that, I saw this tortoise on the road having a shell of a time. I immediately lurched to a stop and ran over to check on them. After making sure they didn’t have any visible injuries or a cracked shell, I carefully lifted them and turned them over so they could go on their merry little way.

TL;DR- Social Anxiety saved the day today.

*sniffle* Way to be a hero!


Best day @HealthyFamExpo, this was my son’s favorite moment from today! Seeing the #tortoise pee while walking around the expo! #hfesmallsteps good thing @aspenclean and @seventhgen were on the scene! #vancouver #yvr #yvrmoms #animals #funny (at Healthy Family Expo)

Tortie was just as excited to see your son? maybe too excited. 

The Marine Corps Plans to Airlift Over 1,000 Desert Tortoises

The Marine Corps Plans to Airlift Over 1,000 Desert Tortoises


The United States Marine Corps is planning
a major rescue operation, but it’s not to save people. Starting this
month, 1185 desert tortoises will be airlifted away from their natural
habitat in the Mojave Desert to allow the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat
Center in Twentynine Palms to expand. But while the relocation is
intended to keep the tortoises from death by military equipment, some
critics fear that it could do more harm than good…