I left the sliding door in our bedroom open for the dogs. When I put tiny Strega Nona down for her nap, I went to close the door so that the dogs wouldn’t be out there barking. I wasn’t expecting this guy to be visiting, so when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, I nearly had a heart attack as my brain jumped straight to every Criminal Minds episode, ever.

He’s 33.4 pounds now. That’s 11 more than tiny Strega Nona, and 14 more than he weighed two summers ago.

I think @wafflesworld would agree that even when they grow big and strong, a tort with stealthy skills will always be able to take you by surprise! 


hey! know some similar turtle/tortoise blogs? p.s-i want to start a blog for my turtle! 🙂

Well first I definitely recommend sharing your turtles adventures! its fun for everyone that reads AND its a great way to keep track of your shells growth, shenanigans, and generally fun (I’m a little biased haha) 

As for similar blogs, I suggest checking out some of our tortie family here on tumblr…  @wafflesworld and his brothers @mangomusings and @tortellinitales and our tiniest tortie friend Kirby at @thewhimsyturtle 

I’d definitely check out the Turtle and Tortoise tags for more new friends but @the-awkward-turt has some curious turts with gorgeous side eyes and gives great reptile information too! @Thor-toise and @joeythetortoise are two new tortie friends! These are just a few tortoise and turtle adventure blogs! There are so many awesome shells here on tumblr! I know for sure I’m forgetting a bunch of shells 🙁 stupid human brain. We’ll share more when it’s not so late at night. Till then, watch the notes. I’m sure other shells will say hi! 

That’s all asks tonight! Human has to get to bed so she’s not late with noms in the morning. 😀 Sweet #turtpocalypse dreams everyone! 


Is there a reason some Torts have like spiky scales on their legs and stuff? Is that like for defense?

Yes sure, defense is part of the reason. You have to think about their environment. Torts generally live in harsh environments. They often climb, dig, nom things with pokey spikes rough sides, their body acts as protection. Like a suite of armor in a cactus garden. At the same time, torts like to dig and climb, having spiky scales in strategic places can help gain leverage. dig easier. 

Depending on the spikes you’re referring to, some are a sign of sexual maturity and (now I haven’t totally figured out the logistics of this) are useful in mating (or not mating? I’m not sure exactly how they work but some lady torts have spikes on their bums). 

Anyone else know? 


I love this blog. I love it!! The posts and the captions are always so positive and lovely, and so rightfully celebratory of turts and their awesome, kind existence in this world. 💖🐢 THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TORT-TIME 🐢💖

THANK YOU FOR READING! I’m gonna cry with all this love. I promise Zoya and I love all of you just as much. Tort-time is super important to this human, even if its just a tumblr blog (though we’ve been working on expanding that too.. for like a year). 

100% of this blog is thanks to all of you, your incredible shells, and their amazing adventures. It makes me smile every day too. It’s also comforting to know that there are lots of tort humans out there to check in with when things seem off, we get worried, etc. 

you rock! Thank you for this message <3 <3