All hail the pumpkin king!What better pumpkin surprise could you ask for?Enough with the photos!I, the pumpkin king, demand treats this instant!From up here on my pumpkin throne......I spy not a single nom!?This must be remedied at once!You are hiding treats behind that camera, right?Woe is hungry me...Pumpkins are supposed to be nom-able, why isn't this one?!


Continuing the National Pumpkin Day shellebration going with bonus photos of my glittery pumpkin basket inspection:  Where are my treats?!  🎃🧐🐢


Diving for noms…


Three GRUMPs for whoever was supposed to fill that pumpkin with noms for me!


Maybe this pumpkin could be noms???

🎥  Watch my inspection in action if you missed it yesterday!

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