Want to know more about the turtles and tortoise that need our help most?

Turtle Survival Alliance, an organization that has been on the front lines of turtle and tortoise conservation efforts since 2001, has put together #23daysofturtles providing information on each of the most threatened species, what happened to them and how you can help! 

Read about each species here! (

 check out the hashtag #23DaysOfTurtles for more updates and follow @TurtleSurvival on Twitter

About Turtle Survival Alliance ( Via Turtle Survival Alliance)

The TSA is an action-oriented global partnership, focusing on species that are at high risk of extinction, and working in turtle diversity hotspots around the world. Widely recognized as a global catalyst for turtle conservation based on its reputation for swift and decisive action, the TSA has made a bold commitment to zero turtle extinctions in the 21st Century. The TSA is a recognized force for turtle conservation globally. TSA’s conservation actions utilize a three-pronged approach:

1. Restoring populations in the wild where possible;

2. Securing species in captivity through assurance colonies; and

3. Building the capacity to restore, secure, and conserve species within their range country.

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