Hey I like snappers.

Just FYI: to sample and get these cuties out of the funnel traps we need to put thick rope in their mouths and firmly but gently tie it at the end of the carapace. This way no one is getting hurt and we can get the data we need. Never ever pick up turtles or snakes or any herp by their tails it is harmful to them. I always make sure to put the animals back exactly where we found them take a few cute pics and send them love on their journey back 🙂

I include this because sometimes people don’t understand what we are doing and become concerned. I became a herpetologist/ecologist bc I love animals and our world more than anything and all I want to do is conserve and advocate for those who don’t have a voice. I sometimes get made fun of for baby talking everything I find but I can’t help it. They are all so fascinating and just innocent to me. They need all the love 💕

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