Hurry up and open the box, Mom!Mom, how is this all we've done so far?!  It's been HOURS AND HOURS!!We finally found most of the big dome in the middle!This gray shadow is really misleading!Onwards to the rest of this giant building!Hang on, is that green?!But how do I get the yummy green out of these puzzle pieces??Look, Mom, here's the top of the biggest tall ship!So many seagulls hidden in the sky!So many pieces to go!


Eight and a half years ago (years before I was even an embryo in an egg!), Mom bought a big jigsaw puzzle…and then didn’t have time to work on it…until now!


Mom, how could you choose a puzzle with almost no nom colors?!?


Mom separated all the puzzle pieces by color!  Now which pile is the red one?

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