It's here, Star Wars Day is here!Baby Yoda is super cute?  But what about me??The Force is strong with baby Yoda?Well the Nom Force is strong with me!I shall nom all the Dark Side!That's right, I am cuter than any baby Yoda!Be glad you're icky collard greens, baby Yoda.Otherwise, the Nom Force is so strong with me that even you wouldn't stand a chance, baby Yoda!


Happy Star Wars Day!  May the Fourth be with you, fellow padawans!  💥

This year, a special treat we have …  🥁 Introducing … Shell Wars!

🥬  It’s a good thing baby Yoda is collard green, or BB-8 the Force you would see!

look you’re getting so much bigger!  Beep boop Kirby! The force is strong in you! 

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