Successful river adventures because, I have to research everything before we even try to go. Last time it was 14 feet over and today it was only 8, but it’s steadily dropping and I’ve got a tracking website for the highs and lows as well as their trends for potential prediction of height, so definitely a good trip.

River friends! A small tortoise! And an extra super mega tiny small friend! And horrors! We moved our new terrapin friend into the brush along the path so no one would “rescue” it by throwing it into the river. The snail was so small its shell was transparent. I really wanted to pick it up for a better shot but my fear of crushing it with my shakey jankey hands stopped me. Not pictured (for obvious reasons) is a horrifying giant spider hanging out in the tree with the shark tag, and a medium sized toad that was chilling on the dirt path. Everyone was doing a great job, except for that spider. Fuck that spider.

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