replied to your post::

You realize that thing is going to outlive you and your children.

Well first of all, she’d rather you call her Queen, Royal Tort, Shellebrity, #turtpocalypse general, feudal lord or muffin instead of thing. And yes, of course I know she’ll out live me! I have legal paperwork ready in case anything were to happen to me to ensure that she is well cared for by people that know how to properly care for a tortoise. We don’t take forever pets lightly around here. Honestly, she better outlive me.. and she is my only child so she’ll outlive herself I suppose?  I hope she is happy and healthy for generations to come… and possibly takes over the world making it a much healthier, happier, calmer place to stomp and nom. 


‘you talkin’ ‘bout me??’

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