If you aren’t a fan of Frankie Tortoise Tales yet you really should be! His halloween costume is a force to be reckoned with! Even though he didn’t win first place at the petsmart competition (come on a puppy in a bee costume? thats cute and all but LOOK AT FRANKIE!) I was told he attended another event and received 1st place as he deserved! 

You rule Frankie! 

Read Frankie tales here and check out his debut on Right This Minute TV here! 

This year we lost our incredible friend Frankie. He taught us so many things… like how to ram things, how to charm a crowd, and how to win best Halloween costume ever! 

Here he is as a UFO… unidentifed FRANKIE object 😀 The most epic of costumes. We miss you frankie! Hope you’re noming all the dandelions in the sky. <3

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