Zomg!  Tito, Nico, and Joa's humom handmade this beautiful pouch herself?!I love this present already---this packaging is DELICIOUS!  I am not letting you take this away from me, Mom!Whoa, are those all me?!You can't tell in this photo, but I am CHOMPing that photo of myself!Look, Mom!  It's me on the other side, too!I look mighty handsome in my top hat, don't I?In fact, I look so handsome......that I must be delicious!Who are you calling a cannibal?!FINE, I'll just nom this corner instead!


Six!, Part 7
(Parts 0, 1, 2, 3, 45, and 6)

Friends Tito, Nico, Joa, and their humom @anne-fine included the most wonderful personalized present in my fabulous birthday package:  A pouch with photos of me* printed all over it, handmade by @anne-fine herself!!  👛🐢😍😍

Mom and I both got so excited about our new pouch!  Mom can’t wait to carry around my cute face everywhere, and I couldn’t wait to nom every bit of our pouch, including all those photos of my own face!  😋🙊  Even the packaging for the pouch was delicious!  (Mom had to literally pry the packaging from my mouth because I loved it so much!)  😋🥺

*  The photos of me on our pouch (which happen to be two of Mom’s favorite photos of me!) are from this Mother’s Day post and this New Year’s post!

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