Brunhilda, this cake is DELICIOUS!INTO MY BELLY, BIRTHDAY CAKE!Why can't I fit all of you into my mouth at once, birthday cake?!I SHALL NOT REST UNTIL I HAVE CHOMPED YOU ALL, GIANT CAKE!  (Or until food coma hits.)I do not have dandie petal on my face.  I don't know what you're talking about, Mom.OMNOMNOMThe most CHOMPtastic gif!Oh shello there, clover!I wonder if this side of my cake is yummier?MOM, those flowers and clover leaves are out of my nomming reach!


Six!, Part 2
(Parts 0 and 1)

Birthday cake is hard to nom when it’s twice as tall as you, so Mom toppled my cake for me!

Bonus photo from the gif above:


I may have picked off all the yummy flowers first…


I also have no idea what happened to Brunhilda’s hat.  Definitely had nothing to do with me.

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