MOM, do you see me salivating I WANT MY CAKE!NO MORE PHOTOS, I NOM CAKE NOW!What's this?NOM!SO MANY NOMS!OMG WHAT IS THIS GIANT RED THING???Oh wait, I haven't said shello and thank you to Brunhilda yet!Okay, back to nomming!Mom, I picked off all the low-hanging flowers.  Why aren't you cutting up this giant cake for me?!Forget it, I'm not waiting for Mom to get a knife.  NOM PARTY TIME!


Six!, Part 1
(Part 0 here)

It’s my birthday!  Today marks six whole years since I first met Mom as a wee hatchling!  Let the shellebration begin!

This year, Brunhilda helped Mom make me a big watermelon + wildflowers cake!


Dandelions, clover, and a delicious surprise:  A brand new nom I never tried before, wild chicory flowers!


Mom told me to sit still for photos with my un-nommed cake first.  As if!


Of course, Mom took a zillion photos of my cake nomming.  Stay tuned for more cake CHOMPs!

* We don’t know the exact day I hatched, so since I was born not long before I met Mom, we celebrate as my birthday the day I showed up on Mom’s doorstep in a FedEx box!

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