Felix felt like sleeping inside last night. He saw the back door open while I was letting the dogs back in and came trundling over to try to climb the small step up through the doorway. He probably could have made it if he tried really hard, but he stopped after a couple of attempts and then stared at me until I scooped him up and deposited him inside.

He wandered for a bit, then found a carpeted corner in the living room and went to sleep. I had to wake him this morning to bring him back outside. He’s gotten so big. He’s weighing in at 10.5 pounds at the moment. He doesn’t look so big in this photo, but he’s gotten to a point where he’s outgrowing Kloe’s gigantic head.

Torts know what they want and they don’t care if it confuses you. Actually? They like it more if it does.

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