is it possible for a turtle to be afraid of eating in front of people? mine will stop eating or drinking whenever someone walks by and will look at that person till they are out of sight!



Yes, that’s very normal. Eating is a vulnerable time for turtles, with their head down and occupied with the food they can’t be as watchful for predators. It’s very natural for them to keep an eye on any possible “threats” and not eat until they are gone.

Is your turtle in an aquarium? Land turtles and tortoises don’t do well in enclosures with clear sides because 1) they don’t understand how glass works and will incessantly try to walk through clear sides and 2) they will feel very exposed on all sides and can be stressed. Moving your turtie to a bin or turtle table may help him/her be less nervous about eating and be overall less stressed.

Hope that helps!

My turtle does this all the time. I couldn’t be in the room while he ate for WEEKS after I bought him. You can try to put food under something covered, like a plant, or feed them when they’re sticking their lil turtle head out of a hide.

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